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Artistic Male Nudes In Motion

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Artistic Male Nudes In Motion

Running Time: 46 Minutes
Starring: John X

If there was ever any question whether John X was a beautiful man, this production will clear that up once and for all. John X is absolutely stunning in this artistic production. His firm, hairy, muscular body IS art and John X finds amazing ways to move and pose to make this production an erotic art treasure. This production also features colorful renderings of John's body that use his masculine male figure to create beautiful pop art still images and motion picture segments. If you are a person who enjoys the beauty of athletic, muscular, masculine men featured in erotic art, then this is a DVD you MUST own.

Please note that this is NOT a hardcore production however, it is incredibly arousing full frontal nudity.

In the first scene, John X poses on a couch that is covered with a colorful tie dye covering. John X moves and stretches and becomes a living work of art for us to enjoy. He naturally falls into beautiful poses and amazing colorful renderings of each pose fade in and out showing the remarkable beauty of John X in a more abstract way.

In the second scene, John X is lying on a bed with a black sheet and the camera starts at his toe and gradually works its way up his beautiful body to his hand. There are some wonderful motion picture segments that vary color, contrast, and speed to make this an unforgettable visual work.

In the third scene, John X poses on a couch with a black covering and striking lighting. He again just seems destined to find poses that are incredibly erotic and beautiful. There are motion picture segments that show John X moving with variation in color, contrast, speed, zoom, and focus that are just wonderful. There are also segments that feature John's best poses rendered in colorful pop art that blends in with the motion picture and produce a magnificent contrast in color and abstraction.